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How to Earn $100 Plus a Month Guaranteed 2015

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How to earn from shortest to free large member fb groups list to get lots of clicks:

How to Earn $100 Plus a Month Guaranteed 2015

1. First sign up here Clik on Banner :

2. Now login to the website of shortest after sign up
3. Then copy the link of a  funny video, article link of any trick or any hot website link whatever you like from internet
4. Paste the link on the top of shortest website and make it shorten.
5. Then after getting shorten link,share it in face book and various fb groups
6. Each person who will click your link,then you will get some money in your account which you can see in you shortest a/c
7. If you have blog or website, you can use shortest links there to earn more.
Mind it copy those links from internet which are popular. If you copy some unique trick link or new trailer or hot pic, video then when you will share or everyone will click your link.

When you will share your link in fb groups,then make sure to write an attractive title before sharing.
Ex: I am going to share an article For SBI clerk exam preparation ,then I will join all the best fb groups of jobs and exam .
Then I post like this:
Here is some useful SBI CLERK 2014 PREPARATION TIPS AND EXAM CRACKING STRATEGY which you should know.

this article helped thousands of student and now it is your turn


write as i have written above

Using this trick I get thousands of clicks in my posts because everyone in that group click my link to know the preparation tips.
When you post it in groups, after putting the link in post,wait few second to get thumbnail image then post it.

If you post in various fb groups then you can earn daily 2-3$ minimum and it does not take much time.
You can redeem money at 5$ by paypal which option will be available on your account when you you will reach 5$ .

I am giving you some free fb groups list which have 50000+ and even 1 lakh members.

since i am doing all for free,so attched survey for fb group list

Download here completing survey :

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How to Remove all Viruses from Computer and Run it Fast

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hi fellows hope you are enjoying our tricks and also happy about our effort today i have a one more trick for you if you want to run your system fast then watch my video tutorial then will never virus attack on your computer thank you.
how to get rid of all viruses on your computer how to remove all viruses from computer without antivirus remove viruses from computer using cmd.

Paypal in Pakistan Verified With Payoneer Mastercard

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Hi guys, today in this post how to create your Verified PayPal account In Pakistan is being told. Well So you\’ll know. That Pakistan is not included in the list of PayPal. Will help today\’s tutorial unsupported country you belong to PayPal. Our tutorial will help you stay in Pakistan, very easily verified Paypal account In Pakistan will be able to achieve. that you will receive payments from virtually any merchant within the world. The method we are going to do that is via Payoneer prepaid master card which is able to be shipped at your door step freed from price. All you wish to try and do is to use for that Payoneer Mastercard & paypal verify your account with it.
Paypal Account in Pakistan Verified With Payoneer Mastercard
Step 1: 1st of all take away all of your browser’s history & cache.
Step 2: never use any proxy what thus ever. Login along with your normal IP address.
Step 3: Visit Payoneer-affiliates web site so as to use for Payoneer paid Debit MasterCard®. simply click on huge Signup button to begin with.
Step 4: currently you may see a lot of options like Personal Details, Account info and private Verification buttons. simply click on it to fill all of your valid info and check all the boxes at the end of the form.
Get Payoneer Master Card In Pakistan Step 1Get Payoneer Master Card In Pakistan Step 2Get Payoneer Master Card In Pakistan Step 3Paypal Account in Pakistan Verified With Payoneer MastercardStep 5: Congratulations your card can currently be shipped at your door step in only twenty to forty days(after account approval that takes one to two business days).
Step 6: currently the foremost important factor is that the special email that you may receive from Payoneer regarding you wish to use for U.S. banking server or not.
Step 7: you\’ve got to reply to the present email along with your necessary info like why you wish to use and your identity etc. Don’t worry you\’ll be able to give any info here you wish to begin your own hosting server and provides some unknown hosting supplier web site name.
Step 8: currently its for wait as a result of they\’re going to review your application and can answer you back inside two to three business days. Don’t worry they accept almost 99% applications therefore your also will be accepted.
Step 9: once you receive the e-mail containing U.S. Virtual Bank Account number & Routing number save /the info/the knowledge|the data/ as a result of you wish this information to verify your Paypal account.
payoneer card In PakistanStep 10: currently its time to form account. Visit USA Paypal website by clicking here and click on on signup button. you wish to produce faux info here however don’t worry you\’ll be able to choose this info from fake Name Generator.
Step 11: when you produce your account clearly they\’re going to ask you to verify it. simply click on verify with checking account option and provide the main points you bought from Payoneer email.
Step 12: currently they\’re going to send you some very little amount in your account like zero.17 or 0.05 etc & you wish to put this info in your paypal account so as to be absolutely verified. enjoy your fresh created Paypal account In Pakistan.

Watch Paypal Account in Pakistan In Urdu & Hindi…..

Happy Paypal Account in Pakistan Verified With Payoneer Mastercard.

Make Money online with Qadabra In Urdu Tutorials

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qadabra-google-adsenseMake Money online with Best Adsense Alternative Qadabra In Urdu & Hindi. Fully method to Make Money online with Best Adsense Alternative Qadabra Urdu Video Tutorials we are going to tell. So many web sites on the Internet. Make Money online with Best Adsense Alternative Qadabra In Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorials. provided. Computer Ustaad decided. We the people Make Money online with Best Adsense Alternative Qadabra In Urdu & Hindi. provided. While you follow the people. computer Ustaad At this video training in addition to Make Money online with Best Adsense Alternative Qadabra In Urdu & Hindi. Computer Ustaad Dot Com & Bilal Ashraf will remember in your prayers. thank you All Friends.

Make Money online with Qadabra urdu Tutorials free

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How to Get Approved From Yahoo & Bing Ads

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Many of you are aware of Adsense and mostly earning through it, but there are many people who have their adsense blocked or want to increase their earning so there is option for them, now you can join and add a spice to your earning.
How to Get Approved From Yahoo & Bing Ads is online platform for people all around the world , many people are advertising their companies and products through and their ads are published by publishers on their blogs/websites who in return get paid for this is a company by yahoo and bing(powered by microsoft) both are search engines . I am not using this but i have many people that are placing their adds on their websites/blogs and are having a pretty good earning.There are many platforms who claim to best google adsense alternatives,but is actually best google adsense alternative, no doubt google adsense gives highest CPC*(cost per click) , but not only gives you CPM but also CPM (cost per thousand impressions) so you will be getting money even if your page is viewed by a visitor ,like if he opens your website, the number of pages he’ll visit your page impressions will keep on increasing.
Why You Should Use
  • is one of best alternatives to google adsnense.
  • you can palce its adds to increase your income beside having google ads,
  • they pay you not only on CPC but also on CPM as mentioned earlier.
  • their is very easy to approve as compared to google adsense.
  • they have contextual and non intruisive adds.
What Are The Requiremnts For Making an Account on
  • your account should have legal content.they dont support anything illegal.
  • your content should be in english.
  • your website should be receiving pretty much traffic and minimum traffic should be from USA canada
  • your site or blog should be in good condition in sense they dont accept under construction sites.

How TO Register Your account:
Their registeration method is quite easy , you have to request for the approval of your account , they go through your website and if your website fulfills their criteria they send you an email to put their adds on your website/blog.

click submit, aftrer that you will receive another form requiring very basic things to be filled , sumbit your request and wait for the email.
How to Maintain Your Account:
After you receive an email just login to your account.

you can just paste the javascript code anywhere you want in your site/blog , they have different sizes of adds.MediaNet Ad sizes , visit this link and you will see different ad sizes etc.
Payment methods And how much you can earn:
they pay you via Paypal or cheque,whtever you want to select.once you have 100$ in your account you can go for you are good to go.if we come to payment potentials , if you have like 1000page impressions you can earn 5-6$ per day so it is not bad.
I hope you liked this tutorial, feel free to share your queries in comment box and if you want any extra details tell us,we’ll be happy to answer you.stay blessed :)

Top List of Google Adsense Alternatives 2014

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One of the most painful thing is when you get this message "Your Google Adsense account has been disabled or temporarily banned". Getting adsense account banned is the most disappointing thing.
Top List of Google Adsense Alternatives 2014
Hence, we have decided to share some best adsense alternatives for 2013. Just to make sure if you already have adsense you can use some of these network along with it to generate more revenue. These adsense alternatives are well suited for bloggers who don’t have adsense and still looking to monetize their website.
All the programs have different approval criteria for your website or blog. You also get simply approved by one of the program from below if your blog or website receives huge amount of traffic.

List of Top Google Adsense Alternatives 2014

1. Adversal
Adversal is another good adsense alternative with good cpm rates. They have easy approval system if you have decent traffic.
2. Chitika
It is said that after adsense most of the bloggers prefer chitika which makes chitika at number 3 on this list. Earnings may vary on your traffic.
3. Infolinks
With different monetization methods like inlink ads, pop under ads, tag ads this makes infolinks unique in monetization from other ad networks.
4. eDomz
eDomz is another popular Pop Up and Banner ad network with high CPM rates. They have pretty good rates for every country. Must give them a try.
5. TribalFusion
TribalFusion is popular among high traffic blog. They have high CPM rates but what they need is high traffic websites.
I have personally tested popcash and they really have good CPM rates. They are pop up ad network. Must give them a try.
7. BuySellAds
BuySellAds is not an alternative, it is used for selling ad space. I know it is a good source of making money online but getting approved by them is way too difficult.
8. B4psads
B$PSAds is a performance adverting network. Quality Traffic can make more money.
9. ExitJunction
Monetize your bounce traffic or exit traffic.
10. MobiCow
Mobicow helps you in monetizing mobile traffic. They have great CPM for all the countries.
11. is powered by yahoo bing ads. They are new in this business but you can make handsome money with Approval rate is not good but you can still give them a try.
 (Be careful they may suspend your account for no reason)
Do you know any other alternative, Please let us know via comments

Best Ways to Make Money from Free Blogging Platforms

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Many students are searching for online earning ways as their part time jobs. Working online needs your patience,hard work and a little bit can get pretty good payment if you strive hard to show your worth towards your customers.In this i am going to share some ways through students or anybody else can earn money.Success is not served in plates rather you should have ingredients of hard work,patience and confidence to get your success.There are somethings that i want you people to keep in mind before properly starting my tutorial.

Online Learning Platforms For Students

Best Ways to Make Money from Free Blogging Platforms
  • you will not get payment at the starting, in sense you should not think about payment for 4 to 5 months. just concentrate on your work and you will get good results.
  • they say “slow and steady wins the race” be patients, in hurry don’t copy paste anyone’s content,use your own wits.
  • if you work consistently you will be earning like 4000 to 5000$ a week and even more.
  • Good thing about online earning is that you can earn money with no first i want you people to notice is that if there is any scam website that asks you to pay money so that you can earn your money is totally fake. all accounts for publishers are absolutely free even Google ad sense. However.However if any website offers you some courses or building a website so you can consider it.But before paying firstly make sure that that person is an expert in that.
Now coming to point there are many ways on internet through which you can earn money.

Blogging and through website:

Blogging means you create your own blog or you make a website. Now the niche you choose depends on what you are interested in or what you think is more trending .You can setup your blog or website through WordPress. In blogging you write articles, you should have good writing and illustrating skills.for example you blog or website is about news. you can take news from different news channels and post them on your website/blog. or you can create a website regarding movies,technology anything you are interested can add screenshots, add video tutorials to make your article strong. as described earlier create genuine content, don’t do copy paste, you can take ideas.its good to write about things that you have personally experience so that you can help your readers in case of any query or anything.
how you can earn through blogging or website:
that was just an intro now here comes the main thing that is earning.the things you need is genuine content and pretty decent amount of traffic and it will take like 6 to 9 months for a fully developed website.
The thing you have to do is publishing.publishing has two types ..
  1. direct publishing: you contact directly with advertisers and they view you and if it is getting pretty good traffic, they ask you to publish their adds on your websites/blogs and pay you.
  2. indirect publishing: in indirect publishing you approve your website/blog from many online publishing place their adds on your websites and they pay you on the basis of ppc(pay per clicks) ,means you when get paid when somebody clicks an add on your website.These platforms include
  • google adsense
  • chitika
  • info links(click here for details)
  • here for more details)
  • ad hits
  • clicksor

Through content writing:

if you good writing skills you might be interested in this category.your english should be very much improved , many website owners need content writers so you can write for them by directly contacting them.
make money by writing articles..
This article will help you.
Through freelancing:
freelancing is somewhat you can say working for some employer according to your choice .there are different types of freelancing like you can write articles for some magazines,you can design projects for many business firms, you can do journalism and can be a quick reporter for them,bring top stories for them etc. so if you have this you can join this can earn thousands of dollars with your good can also take the work according to your choice and can also decide your you are free to do your according to your choice.good thing is you are your own boss.many freelancing websites are
  • Odesk
  • e lance
  • people per hour
  • guru
  • freelancer
  • udemy( full description is given in this post)

Publishing video tutorials:

however youtube is banned in Pakistan but if your videos have quality then you can surely become a youtube partner.

How To Triple Your Website Income In 6 Month Quick

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How To Triple Your Website Income In 6 Month QuickMaking money from your website is one of the easiest ways to succeed online. There are many ways to make money online, but creating your own website will allow you to make money on a regular basis, and thus, it will you a solid source of passive income for a long time to come. If you’ve been enjoying some income from your website, you can still improve what you’re earning from it by carefully tweaking some elements of your website. And you’ll see more earning from your site within a short amount of time. Do you want to learn how to make more money from your website? Here are 5 tips to triple your website income in 6 months:

1. Feed Your Website With Higher Quality Content

Why should you care about the content that you post on your website? That’s because your content is the key to your website success. Without good content, there will be no regular readers visiting your site, and in the end, your website will have very little traffic. You can’t monetize your website if you don’t offer good quality content to your readers. So, it is very important for you to feed your website with higher quality content over time in order to increase the number of your readers, and thus increasing your traffic and profit.

2. Give Regular Fresh Update To Your Website

You must update your website regularly because without regular update, your website will be dead. People will not have any inclination to visit your website often because you never update it again since last year. Remember, giving your website regular fresh update will keep your website position on top of the search engine ranking. It will keep your readers to get in touch with your website, and thus increasing the chance for you to monetize your website more.

3. Change The Placement Of Your Ads

A simple change in your ad placement will help you to change your website earning. Sometimes, by putting your ads on the hot spot of your website, which is above the fold, you will be able to drive more visitor’s attention toward your ads. The more people click on your ads the first time they visit your website, the more they will produce earning for you. However, you must avoid filling your website with too many ads since it will annoy your visitors and make them leave your website immediately.
-> Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2014

4. Using Text Link To Promote Your Affiliate Product

Instead of placing lots of affiliate banners on your website, it is better for you to promote your affiliate product within your content. Why? That’s because it is the best way for you to persuade your website readers to buy that product. If you are promoting the product using live link in your content rather than using banner, you will have at least 50% more chance of making sales for your promotion. People will usually avoid clicking banners, but if the promotion link is a part of your content, people will be more likely to follow your link and buy your recommended product.

5. Create Your Own Product And Sell It On Your Website

Another way to add more income from your website is to create your own product and sell it on your website. Many successful entrepreneurs are using this strategy to earn lots of money from their website. It is by no means that you will turn your website into an e-commerce site. But, you can sell one special product on your site by creating a special sales page within your website so that people can buy your product after reading the sales page. This is how you will make money from your own product.
So, are you ready to take your website earning to the next level? If you want to triple your website earning in the next 6 month, be sure to follow those tips carefully.

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Love SmS Poetry Urdu Hindi Sms Romantic SmS Send Online

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Urdu Love Sms Free Send Urdu Sms

New Latest Urdu Love Sms messages. Send Love Urdu Sms, Love Sms in urdu, love sms urdu, hindi love sms messages to your mobile phones freely.
Love SmS Poetry Urdu Hindi Sms Romantic SmS Send Online

Kya kahun tujhe?
Kya kahun tujhe?
Khwab kahun to toot jayega,
dil kahuu to bikhar jayega,
Aa tera naam zindagi rakh dun,
maut se pehle to tara saath chut na payega!
Lafzo ki tara muje
Lafzo ki tara muje kitabon me mila kar,
Duniya se dar he to khwabo me mila ker,
Pholon ka khusbo se taluq he zrori,
Ban k khusbo muje gulabo me mila ker.
Khusboo ki tarah aapke paas bikar jayenge
Khusboo ki tarah aapke paas bikar jayenge
Skoon ban kar dil mein utar jayengay
Mehsoos karne ki koshish to kijye
Door hote hue bhi paas nazar aayenge.
Dil ki dharkan ko dharka gaya koi
Dil ki dharkan ko dharka gaya koi
Merey khawabon ko mehka gaya koi
Hum tu anjanay raston pay chal rahay Thay
achanak hi pyaar ka Matlab seekha Gaya koi!!!!!!!
The Thread asked the Candle:
The Thread asked the Candle:
“Why do You dissolve yourself, when I burn?”
Candle replied: “You R my heart.
If U suffer, I’m bound to shed Tears 4 U”
That’s a Relationship!
Mahfil-e-ishq sajao to koi bat banay
Mahfil-e-ishq sajao to koi bat banay
Doloat-e-ishq Lutao to koi bat banay!
Jam ”saghar” say Nahi pina Mujh ko!
Ankhon say pilao To koi Baat Banay!
Na koi kisi se door hota hai
Na koi kisi se door hota hai
Na koi kisi ke kareeb hota hai
pyaar khud chal kar Aata hai
Jab koi kisi ke Naseeb main hota Hai.
Aap ki yaad me sab kuch bhulaye baithe hain..
Aap ki yaad me sab kuch bhulaye baithe hain..
chiraag khushiyon ke bujhaye baithe hain…
Hum to merenge aap ki baahon mein,
Yeh bhi maut se shart lagaye baithe hain…
Meri ankhon me
Meri ankhon me teri ankhen hon
Meri baton me beri baten hon
Jo sath bitaen hum donon
Kuch aesi bi raten hon
Dharkano ko sun kar bhi
Dharkano ko sun kar bhi
Tumhe pyar ki khabar nahi hoti
Kia mehsos karo ge tum dil ka dard
Dil k totne ki to awaz bi nahi hoti.
Kitni ratein beet gaen,
Kitni ratein beet gaen,
kitne din beet gaey,
bus beeta nahi to….
yadoon ka wo pal,
wo guzra hoa kal,
beeti nahi to aankhon ki nami
.ap ki kami.
Kabhi teri palkon mein
Kabhi teri palkon mein jhilmilaon
tere khayalon mein
khud ko bhool jaon main
beech samundar mein jakar
dhakka mat dena
kaho to kinare par hi doob
jaon main….
Na jane ye nazar kyon udhas rehti hai
Na jane ye nazar kyon udhas rehti hai
Na jane inhe kis ki
talash rehti hai
Ye jan kar bhi wo kismat main nahin hain
Phir bhi inhian pane ki 1 aas rehti hai.
Zindagi Hay to Khwab Hain,
Zindagi Hay to Khwab Hain,
Khwab hain tu Manzilen Hain,
Manzilen Hain to Rastay hain
Rastay Hain TU Mushkilen
Hain our Mushkilen Hain Tu
”Main Hoon Na”
Dil mein umeedo ki
Dil mein umeedo ki
shamma jala rakhi hai,
Humne apni alag duniya basa
rakhi hai,
Is umeed k saath k ayega SMS
aapka, Humne mobile par nazrein
jama rakhi hein.
Dil mein tumharey pyaar ke jaltey to hain chirag
Dil mein tumharey pyaar ke jaltey to hain chirag
mana key in ki roshni tum par ayaan nahi
Na tum bewafa ho na hum bewafa Hain
Magar kya karain apni rahain juda hain…..
Jab se tum ho zindagi mein aaye
Jab se tum ho zindagi mein aaye
Kushiyon ki baarat ko saath laye
allah ne bhi sun li fariaad meri
dekho to fiza mein kitne gul hai muskuraye.
Khali shishey bhi nishani rakhte hai
Khali shishey bhi nishani rakhte hai
tute hue dil bhi arman rahkte hai,
jo khamoshi se guzar jaye,
vo dariya bhi dil mein toofan rakhte hai……….
Ghamo mai bhi muskurana chahta hun mein.
Ghamo mai bhi muskurana chahta hun mein.
tumhe bhula k ek
nayi duniya basana chata hu mein
magar na jane kyo nikal ate hain ansoo
jab bhi tumhe bhulana chahta hu mein!
Tum bhut khoobsurat ho
Tum bhut khoobsurat ho
jise dil mai basa lia hai
tumse khoobsurat hai tumhari aankhein
jine dekhne ko ji chahata hai,
Aankho se khoobsurat hai muskaan tumhari,
Bas paheli nazar me bana dia diwana hamain.
Yaad mein teri aanhain bharta hai koi
Yaad mein teri aanhain bharta hai koi
her saans k saath tujhe yaad karta hai koi
maut to sachai hai aani hai lekin teri judaai
mein her roz marta hai koi…!
Tute dil ki hasraton ka dil main basera rahega
Tute dil ki hasraton ka dil main basera rahega
aankh meri jo royegi to dard tera rahega
kuch is tarah samaya hai rag rag main tera payr
aakhari saans rahane tak-labon pe tera naam rehega.
Kuch nasha aap ki baat ka hai
Kuch nasha aap ki baat ka hai
kuch nasa dheemi barsat ka hai
Haain aap yoon hi sharabi
mat kahey Dil per asar pehli
mulaqaat ka hai.
If sum 1 really wait for u .
it dosent means he has nothing 2 do .
its means that nothing else is important than u … the world
Love & Rain Both Are Same
Love & Rain Both Are Same
Both Gives Our Life True Joy
Basic Difference Is
Rain Wets Our Body
Love Wets Our Eyes!
Relations Are Like a Ring,
Lovely Relations Are Like a Ring,
If We Wear It,
It’ll Hold Our Finger Tightly..
If We Remove It,
It’ll Surely Make Us To Feel Its Absnce..
Love / like and in love
The Difference Between
“In Love”
Are The Same Difference
“For Now”,
“For A While”
Eyes, lips and love
Things I Want In A
That Won’t
That Won’t
That Won’t
Love has no age
Someone Asked Shakespeare:
“U Married A Girl Elder Than U, Why?”
He Showed Him A Calendar N Said
“A Week Has 7 Days;
Can U Say Which Day Is Younger,
Either Sunday Or Saturday ??
So, Love Comes From Heart Not In Age”
Love Has No Age.
Senior Girls R Also Available For Boys:P
Love is ……..
Love is sweets and honey
Love is sometimes for your heart
Love is sometimes for the money
Love is passionate
Love is blind
Love is destined
Love is cruel and kind
Love is forever
Love is for a night
Love is fading
Love is at first sight
Love is unrequited
Love is for another
Love is not returned
Love is not to be smothered
Love is dangerous
Love is right
Love is wrong
Love is a fight
Love is complicated
Love is here and there
Love is in you and me
Love is everywhere
Love is broken
Love is true
Love is for me
Love is for you
Love is possible after friendship
Love is possible after friendship
friendship is not possible after love
medicines work before death
later nothing can be cured….!!!
Time will always fly,
Time will always fly,
but our love will never die.
Keep in touch
remember me and my love.
When somebody who is deeply in Love
When somebody who is deeply
in Love with you tells that
You are
cute, beautiful, & angelic,
I agree. That’s true,
Believe me,
I swear because love is definitely blind
Still I love her
Even though,
she hates me in every movement of life ,
but i love her with very seconds,
not because she has broken my heart,
but she as thought me to live with broken heart,
I love all the stars in the sky,
I love all the stars in the sky,
but they are nothing
compared to the ones in your eyes!
Impossible to Explain how much I love you
Girl: How much do you love me?
Boy: Look up at the sky.
Girl: Don’t change the subject!
Boy:Just do it!
Girl: Alright! What am I looking at?
Boy: Count how many stars there are.
Girl: Impossible.
Boy: So is explaining how much I love you.
touch my heart & u will feel,
touch my heart & u will feel,
Listen to my heart & u will hear,
Look into my heart & u will see that
U will alwayz be a special part of me.
Speak less to people whom u love most…
Speak less to people whom u love most…..
Because if they cant understand ur silence…..
They can never understand your words….
If love is sweet why does it hurt
If love is sweet why does it hurt,
if love is deep why does it burn,
if love is warm why do we shiver,
if love is tender why do we cry,
if love is forever why do we die
When u love someone,
When u love someone,
Its like reaching for the star .*.
U know u cant reach them .*.
But u keep trying
Coz may be 1 day
that star might fall for u .!.*.!.*.!
Love knows no reasons,
Love knows no reasons,
Love knows no lies,
Love defines all reasons,
Love has no eyes…
But love is not blind,
Love sees all but doesnt mind…..
Life ends when you stop dreaming,
Life ends when you stop dreaming,
hope ends when you stop believing
and love ends when you stop caring.
So dream hope and love…Makes Life Beautiful
Bee love honey…….but
Bee love honey,
Miss love money,
Flower love due,
Making love to you in every kiss
I’m with you reading this ,
Looking at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.
Making love to you in every kiss.
Love someone …………
Love Means 2 See Someone With Closed Eyes,
2 Miss Someone In Crowd,
2 Find Someone In Every Thought,
2 Live For Someone,
Love Someone But 2 B Sure
That Someone Is Only One..:)
GOOD Relationship Is Like Tajmahal,
GOOD Relationship Is Like Tajmahal,
Everybody Will Wonder How Beautiful It Is.
But Nobody Can Understand How Difficult It Was To Build
Any body can love a rose,
Any body can love a rose,
but no one can love a leaf that is near to the rose,
Don’t love some one who is beautiful
but love one who makes ur life beautiful
Yaadon ki barsaat liye
Yaadon ki barsaat liye
Duaaon ki soghat liye
Dil ki gehrayee se
Chand ki roshnai se
Pholon k kaghaz per
Aap k liye sirf 3 lafz
Love & Rain Both Are Same
Love & Rain Both Are Same
Both Gives Our Life True Joy
Basic Difference Is
Rain Wets Our Body
Love Wets Our Eyes!
Love is Possible after Friendship
Love is possible after friendship
friendship is not possible after love
medicines work before death
later nothing can be cured….!!!
Friendship is Medicine
is medicine for any kind of pain
in the world.
be sure that there is no medicine
in the world for the pain
given by Friendship.
Speak Less to People
Speak less to people whom u love most…
Because if they cant understand ur silence…
They can never understand your words…
Ye Thora sa Jeevan Adhura sa Mosam
Ye thora sa jeevan Adhura sa Mosam,
Ye Rangon ki Chahat, Gulabon ki Hasrat..
Ye Roshan Svery,Ye madhm Andhery…
Kisi roz tnha milo to Btaein…
Khyalon ki Rahein,
Chamakti Nigahein,
Wafaein Nibhana,
Adaein Dikhana…
Ye Ek Silsila hay,
Mgar Fasla hy,
Agar jaan jao to ehsas rakhna….
Isay raaz Rkhna,
Kro ek Wada,
Bna lo Irada,
Mulaqat kr lo,
Wohi bat kr lo
Kisi roz Tnha milo to Btaein..!
Hamari Mohabbat,
Tumbari Adaein..
Us ko Rab se Itni bar Manga hai
Us ko rab se itni bar manga hai
k ab hum sirf haath utahtel hain to farishte kehtay hian
KAKA taino hor koi kam nahi..
Dil Toot Janay ka Izhar Zruri to Nahi
Dil toot janay ka izhar zruri to nahi
Ye tamasha sar-e-bazar zruri to nahi
Mujhe tha ishq teri rooh se or ab b hy
Jism se ho koi srokar zruri to nahi
Me tujhe toot k chahoon to meri fitrat hy
Tu b ho mera talabgar zruri to nahi
Ae sitamgar zara jhank meri ankhon may,
Zuban se pyar ka izhar zruri to nahi

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