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How to Earn $100 Plus a Month Guaranteed 2015

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How to earn from shortest to free large member fb groups list to get lots of clicks:

How to Earn $100 Plus a Month Guaranteed 2015

1. First sign up here Clik on Banner :

2. Now login to the website of shortest after sign up
3. Then copy the link of a  funny video, article link of any trick or any hot website link whatever you like from internet
4. Paste the link on the top of shortest website and make it shorten.
5. Then after getting shorten link,share it in face book and various fb groups
6. Each person who will click your link,then you will get some money in your account which you can see in you shortest a/c
7. If you have blog or website, you can use shortest links there to earn more.
Mind it copy those links from internet which are popular. If you copy some unique trick link or new trailer or hot pic, video then when you will share or everyone will click your link.

When you will share your link in fb groups,then make sure to write an attractive title before sharing.
Ex: I am going to share an article For SBI clerk exam preparation ,then I will join all the best fb groups of jobs and exam .
Then I post like this:
Here is some useful SBI CLERK 2014 PREPARATION TIPS AND EXAM CRACKING STRATEGY which you should know.

this article helped thousands of student and now it is your turn


write as i have written above

Using this trick I get thousands of clicks in my posts because everyone in that group click my link to know the preparation tips.
When you post it in groups, after putting the link in post,wait few second to get thumbnail image then post it.

If you post in various fb groups then you can earn daily 2-3$ minimum and it does not take much time.
You can redeem money at 5$ by paypal which option will be available on your account when you you will reach 5$ .

I am giving you some free fb groups list which have 50000+ and even 1 lakh members.

since i am doing all for free,so attched survey for fb group list

Download here completing survey :

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