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Best Ways to Make Money from Free Blogging Platforms

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Many students are searching for online earning ways as their part time jobs. Working online needs your patience,hard work and a little bit can get pretty good payment if you strive hard to show your worth towards your customers.In this i am going to share some ways through students or anybody else can earn money.Success is not served in plates rather you should have ingredients of hard work,patience and confidence to get your success.There are somethings that i want you people to keep in mind before properly starting my tutorial.

Online Learning Platforms For Students

Best Ways to Make Money from Free Blogging Platforms
  • you will not get payment at the starting, in sense you should not think about payment for 4 to 5 months. just concentrate on your work and you will get good results.
  • they say “slow and steady wins the race” be patients, in hurry don’t copy paste anyone’s content,use your own wits.
  • if you work consistently you will be earning like 4000 to 5000$ a week and even more.
  • Good thing about online earning is that you can earn money with no first i want you people to notice is that if there is any scam website that asks you to pay money so that you can earn your money is totally fake. all accounts for publishers are absolutely free even Google ad sense. However.However if any website offers you some courses or building a website so you can consider it.But before paying firstly make sure that that person is an expert in that.
Now coming to point there are many ways on internet through which you can earn money.

Blogging and through website:

Blogging means you create your own blog or you make a website. Now the niche you choose depends on what you are interested in or what you think is more trending .You can setup your blog or website through WordPress. In blogging you write articles, you should have good writing and illustrating skills.for example you blog or website is about news. you can take news from different news channels and post them on your website/blog. or you can create a website regarding movies,technology anything you are interested can add screenshots, add video tutorials to make your article strong. as described earlier create genuine content, don’t do copy paste, you can take ideas.its good to write about things that you have personally experience so that you can help your readers in case of any query or anything.
how you can earn through blogging or website:
that was just an intro now here comes the main thing that is earning.the things you need is genuine content and pretty decent amount of traffic and it will take like 6 to 9 months for a fully developed website.
The thing you have to do is publishing.publishing has two types ..
  1. direct publishing: you contact directly with advertisers and they view you and if it is getting pretty good traffic, they ask you to publish their adds on your websites/blogs and pay you.
  2. indirect publishing: in indirect publishing you approve your website/blog from many online publishing place their adds on your websites and they pay you on the basis of ppc(pay per clicks) ,means you when get paid when somebody clicks an add on your website.These platforms include
  • google adsense
  • chitika
  • info links(click here for details)
  • here for more details)
  • ad hits
  • clicksor

Through content writing:

if you good writing skills you might be interested in this category.your english should be very much improved , many website owners need content writers so you can write for them by directly contacting them.
make money by writing articles..
This article will help you.
Through freelancing:
freelancing is somewhat you can say working for some employer according to your choice .there are different types of freelancing like you can write articles for some magazines,you can design projects for many business firms, you can do journalism and can be a quick reporter for them,bring top stories for them etc. so if you have this you can join this can earn thousands of dollars with your good can also take the work according to your choice and can also decide your you are free to do your according to your choice.good thing is you are your own boss.many freelancing websites are
  • Odesk
  • e lance
  • people per hour
  • guru
  • freelancer
  • udemy( full description is given in this post)

Publishing video tutorials:

however youtube is banned in Pakistan but if your videos have quality then you can surely become a youtube partner.
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