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How to Get Approved From Yahoo & Bing Ads

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Many of you are aware of Adsense and mostly earning through it, but there are many people who have their adsense blocked or want to increase their earning so there is option for them, now you can join and add a spice to your earning.
How to Get Approved From Yahoo & Bing Ads is online platform for people all around the world , many people are advertising their companies and products through and their ads are published by publishers on their blogs/websites who in return get paid for this is a company by yahoo and bing(powered by microsoft) both are search engines . I am not using this but i have many people that are placing their adds on their websites/blogs and are having a pretty good earning.There are many platforms who claim to best google adsense alternatives,but is actually best google adsense alternative, no doubt google adsense gives highest CPC*(cost per click) , but not only gives you CPM but also CPM (cost per thousand impressions) so you will be getting money even if your page is viewed by a visitor ,like if he opens your website, the number of pages he’ll visit your page impressions will keep on increasing.
Why You Should Use
  • is one of best alternatives to google adsnense.
  • you can palce its adds to increase your income beside having google ads,
  • they pay you not only on CPC but also on CPM as mentioned earlier.
  • their is very easy to approve as compared to google adsense.
  • they have contextual and non intruisive adds.
What Are The Requiremnts For Making an Account on
  • your account should have legal content.they dont support anything illegal.
  • your content should be in english.
  • your website should be receiving pretty much traffic and minimum traffic should be from USA canada
  • your site or blog should be in good condition in sense they dont accept under construction sites.

How TO Register Your account:
Their registeration method is quite easy , you have to request for the approval of your account , they go through your website and if your website fulfills their criteria they send you an email to put their adds on your website/blog.

click submit, aftrer that you will receive another form requiring very basic things to be filled , sumbit your request and wait for the email.
How to Maintain Your Account:
After you receive an email just login to your account.

you can just paste the javascript code anywhere you want in your site/blog , they have different sizes of adds.MediaNet Ad sizes , visit this link and you will see different ad sizes etc.
Payment methods And how much you can earn:
they pay you via Paypal or cheque,whtever you want to select.once you have 100$ in your account you can go for you are good to go.if we come to payment potentials , if you have like 1000page impressions you can earn 5-6$ per day so it is not bad.
I hope you liked this tutorial, feel free to share your queries in comment box and if you want any extra details tell us,we’ll be happy to answer you.stay blessed :)

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